Curriculum Experts

The Golden Window of Learning (GWL) programme is based on research-backed pedagogy of the Relationships-Based Curriculum by Early Childhood Expert Dr. Marjory Ebbeck. The approach focuses on creating a strong bond between parent (or teacher) and child, which lays the foundation for learning confidence. This confidence to learn facilitates the understanding of his/her sense of self, development of sensory and motor skills, and the strong foundation in both Mandarin and English.

The GWL Mandarin programme is also under the guidance of Dr. Connie Lum EdD, Member of Lee Kuan Yew Fund Bilingualism Proposal Evaluation Committee and the Promote Chinese Language Learning Pre-School Chinese Language Education Support Group.

She is an authority in teaching Chinese, having written over 30 books and been invited to speak in symposia such as China Early Childhood Conference, The Hong Kong University Conference and the OMEP World Conference.